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  • Add signals directly into Dynamics.

  • Add signals directly into SalesForce.

  • See signals as you compose emails.

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Just one last thing: if you want your results personalized for you, simply provide feedback what you like and what you don’t like.

Everything from answering a few questions when setting up your account to commenting with a “Thumbs Up/Down” on the companies that are recommended for you, to which companies you search for and/or save in your watchlist. All of these interactions will increase your “AI Confidence Score” which in turn will improve the relevancy of the companies that AI recommends for your research and consideration.

At first, you may come across some companies that do not match your profile and search criteria. If so, just click the “Thumbs Down” button to teach Fiind AI not to serve you more like this example. If a company looks to match your profile and search criteria, click the “Thumbs Up” to teach Fiind AI to serve you more like this example.

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